Guest Review Awards 2018 by for the below locations:
- Mujib Chalets at Mujib Biosphere Reserve.
- Dana Guesthouse and Rummana Campsite at Dana Biosphere Reserve.
- Azraq Lodge at Azraq Wetland Reserve.

Azraq Wetland Reserve and Ajloun Forest Reserve; on the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas.

Ajloun Forest Reserve among the top 100 sustainable destinations on the global tourism map.

RSCN won the “Sustainable Destinations Global 100 World Legacy” in 2014, as a reward for RSCN outstanding role in the development of Eco-Tourism program in Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Wild Jordan and RSCN won the award of the “Trip Advisor for Excellence” in 2014, for both Feynan Eco Lodge and the Guest House in Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Received the 2010 Guardian Best Ethical Travel Award RSCN was awarded the 2010 Guardian Best Ethical Travel Award in recognition of its achievements through the Wild Jordan division. With this award, RSCN/Wild Jordan has been judged by global benchmarks to be applying ‘ethical standards’ and using tourism to support conservation objectives.