Ajloun Forest Reserve

The Soap House

At the Soap House located at the Royal Academy for the Conservation of Nature, local women use a variety of local ingredients, including lavender, geranium, mint and pomegranate, to create high-quality handmade natural olive oil soaps named Orjan Soap.

The soaps are all produced using pure olive oil, combined with other natural oils, plant extracts and pure essential oils. Olive oil soap has numerous healing benefits for the skin; it is an ultra-moisturizing and mild soap that promotes a youthful natural glow through its ability to soften, hydrate and revitalize the skin. Olive oil soap is also rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Consequently, this soap is extremely gentle when used to cleanse and refresh the skin.

All Orjan Soaps are natural and made with at least 90% pure olive oil. This soap is used for all skin types. No artificial colors, no chemicals or fragrances are added to the soap to ensure an eco-friendly process, making it safer for you and for our environment.

The Biscuit House

The Biscuit House is currently owned and managed by local community women under a newly adopted community engagement model, where the women are transformed from traditional employees to actual local community entrepreneurs. Under this model, RSCN hopes to further build the capacity of those communities, provide them with the necessary know-how to manage and sustain their own income generating projects.

The Biscuit House was originally funded through Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung and managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature for five years. Upon the House’s proven success, it was handed over to local community women as of September 2014. The women continue the production of RSCN Jordanian Delights products, branded Tasali. 

The House of Calligraphy

Learn about the six most famous types of Arabic calligraphy and practice drawing your name in your favorite style. The House of Calligraphy promotes for dialogue between cultures and allows the visitor to be enchanted by the beauty of the Arabic language. You can also personalize your own postcard or frame to take back home as a souvenir while also supporting income generating activities for the local community women