Wild Jordan is a registered trademark of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Wild Jordan’s revenue contributes to the sustainability of RSCN’s protected areas and supports the socio economic development of local communities.

Nature inspired, ethically developed.

We invite you to explore our site to discover more about our crafts, eco-tourism and exciting offers. As the income from Wild Jordan enterprises goes directly to support conservation programs and local people, your contribution as a visitor, purchaser, or gift receiver helps to protect Jordan’s natural heritage. Thank you for helping nature!

In The Nature Business

The collective impact of RSCN’s business initiatives (and the general adoption of business approaches) has been to revolutionize nature conservation strategies in Jordan.  No longer are protected areas seen as the preserves of the elite, of little relevance to the social and economic needs of ‘ordinary’ Jordanians; they are now being recognized as engines of rural development, able to offer alternative and sustainable livelihoods for some of the  communities in the Kingdom. Such environmental entrepreneurship, combined with a people-centered philosophy, has also enabled RSCN to generate more popular support for conservation, minimize its need for government financial support, and become a national and regional leader in sustainable development.

Under its socioeconomic development program, RSCN dedicated itself to creating nature-based businesses that improve the livelihoods of local communities living in and around Jordan’s nature reserves by reducing their reliance on natural resources.

Using a people-centered approach to protecting nature, RSCN has developed business ventures using the natural assets of protected areas to create sustainable economic and social benefits for local communities. Thriving eco-tourism and handicraft enterprises have been established, creating jobs for hundreds of people. RSCN’s ventures are making conservation important to the lives of local communities by providing alternatives to hunting and overgrazing, and other threats to Jordan’s wildlife habitats.

Among these nature-inspired businesses operated by Wild Jordan are over a dozen handicraft workshops that create distinctive handmade products such as silver jewelry, olive oil soap, jams, embroidery, ceramics, herbal teas, hand-painted ostrich eggs, goat leather products and more. The products are sold at RSCN’s Nature Shops and contribute to enhancing the livelihoods of over 60 local women.

Wild Jordan Adventures offers eco-tourists an awe-inspiring variety of destinations to explore and action-packed activities to enjoy. Visit one or more of Jordan’s nature reserves, the best way to discover the vastly different scenery and nature around Jordan. For adventurers, camping, safari, canyoning, hiking and cycling are some of the best ways to experience Jordan.

The Wild Jordan Center and Café based in Amman’s historic Jabal Amman district offers flavorful, healthy and low-fat cuisine created from raw ingredients gathered from Jordan’s nature reserves. Its eco-friendly architecture is the perfect backdrop for panoramic views of old Amman.