Ajloun Experiential Tourism

Experience the beauty of Ajloun Forest Reserve culture!

Local Farm Life Experience

- Harvesting Olive Trees (Seasonal)

In Jordan, fall is synonymous to olive harvesting season. That means it’s that time of year everyone is rolling up their sleeves for some serious olive picking! Join us at a local olive tree farm where you’ll learn how to hand-pick the crop, why it is so sacred in this part of the world, and what are the numerous health benefits of olives and olive oil; the core of the much recommended heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. An experience you don’t want miss!

- Tillage (Horse Drawn)

With this activity (participant-driven) you’ll be travelling back in time to experience how traditional tillage was done with the help of a horse. A method that is still followed in rural Jordan to agriculturally prepare the soil. As you become more and more comfortable around the countryside’s simple lifestyle, we’ll treat you to a memorable breakfast on the farm: made from fresh local produce and complemented by homemade dishes and that extra sweet cup of tea, cheers!

Organic Farm Experience

- Exploring the Organic Farm

At organic farms, crops are grown naturally without the harmful chemicals or pesticides. This is such an intense and raw experience, as you explore the farm you’ll be surrounded by goats and other livestock graze on the land peacefully. This is your chance to cross out a few items on your bucket list, such as feeding goats, milking them, or treating yourself to fresh glass of creamy goats’ milk that you have proudly milked! The farmer might also need a helping hand cultivating his produce, an excellent way to get more rooted to mother Earth.

- The Farm Cooking Experience

Have you ever had the chance to cook in the heart of nature?
A local chef will guide you throughout the process as he/she cooks a great crowd pleaser dish (Sajiyyeh or Gallayeh) made from ingredients found on the organic farm. We guarantee to cater to your taste whether you’re a meat lover, or a vegan/ vegetarian at heart:

- Sajiyyeh: a traditional Jordanian dish typically prepared while discovering the outdoors. Sajiyyeh is based with either chicken or beef cubes, cooked on a wok over a high open fire, it is seasoned well and cooked with onions and/ or any available produce. Usually, salads are served as a side dish along with seasonal fruits, cold beverages and water.

- Gallayeh (tomato stew): This minimalistic vegan/vegetarian dish explodes with flavors made from two simple ingredients: tomatoes and onions. Usually, salads are served as a side dish along with seasonal fruits, cold beverages and water.

The perfect closure to such wholesome meals is definitely a proper dark cup of tea made on crackling wood fire, enjoy!

The Biscuit House Experience

The Biscuit House is your destination for some scrumptious Jordanian delicacies. Every morning, dozens of cookie batches are baked freshly using only premium local products. For this experiential challenge, you will be guided to make your own (kusmat) bread; a traditional northern Jordanian delicacy which is served on holidays and joyous occasions. To keep your loaf fluffy, generous amounts of locally harvested and pressed olive oil is added. Participants will get to enjoy their baking along with a steaming cup of aromatic tea with the scenic view of Ajloun Forest. It is worth all the while!

The Calligraphy House Experience

The House of Calligraphy showcases one of most attractive forms of art: Arabic Calligraphy. The purpose of establishing this place was to bridges the gap between different cultures by bringing them closer together through the beauty of this fine art. A local staff woman will be waiting to greet and brief you about the history of Arabic calligraphy and its close ties to the Islamic culture. Next, you’ll be introduced to the main principles of Arabic calligraphic styles. The most appealing to you, will be the font you’ll be practicing how to write your name with using the traditional dried reed instrument as a pen.  Whatever souvenir, order, personalized design or greeting card you choose to go home with is a contribution towards the employment of more women from the local community.