Azraq Experiential Tourism

Experience the beauty of Azraq diverse culture!

The Bedouin Experience

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, we take you on a journey to a more tranquil nomadic experience. There, you’ll experience genuine Bedouin lifestyle that will surely be engraved in your memory like nothing you have experienced before. Early morning, you will leave your Azraq Lodge to go on a 4 km bike ride towards the Bedouin Tent, where you’ll be greeted with an authentic aromatic cup of Arab-Bedouin coffee. Your day in the life of a Bedouin starts by grazing a herd of sheep, getting to know up close and personal what it takes to be a good shepherd, a thirty-minute walk around will follow.

Next, you’ll be heading back to the tent for a much needed super sweet cup of tea made on an open fire, where you might want to recharge with a power nap, or simply relax before moving on to your next mission: Milking the goats! But what’s milking good for if you can’t treat yourself to a glass of fresh milk? Enjoy!
Moving on to a different Bedouin task, making divine sour buttermilk, or what Bedouins prefer to call it (Laban Makheed). Your job will involve shaking the fresh milk inside a leather bagpipe like instrument (Al Saqa) made from goat / cow’s skin to help with the frothing and souring of the milk.

By the time you’ve learned the secret of the Bedouin trade, you will be starving and what better meal than those of Bedouins, such as Mansaf, Rashoof soup, or Gallayeh (tomato stew). All that savory food will whet your palates for a sweet dish to finish off with, but first you’ll learn how to brew your own coffee. Now, it’s time to put on Arabian eyeliner (kohl- for the ladies) then get dressed like a true Bedouin to take that perfect photo.

Congratulations, you have officially completed a day in the life of a Bedouin experience!

Such a memorable one indeed!

The Chechen Experience

Azraq is a multicultural region; it is home for people with diverse origins. Having said that, we are taking you on a Chechen experience. Chechens who are originally from Chechnya- located in the north of the Caucasus Mountains- were among the first settlers in Azraq region; their culture has vastly influenced the area.

The experience starts with a 3 km bike ride from Azraq Lodge towards the Chechen House, where you will be briefed about the Chechen culture, its heritage, customs and traditions over a warm cup of tea. A Chechen lady from the nearby community will showcase the Chechen traditional costume, as well as some arts and crafts that reflect her heritage pride. At lunch, you will get indulged experiencing authentic Chechen cuisine with both savory and sweet dishes.

The journey finishes off with a traditional group picture with members of the group wearing Chechen costumes right after watching a few Chechen folkloric dances, most people find themselves can’t help but get engaged in the enthusiastic heart pumping dances!

The Druze Experience

Since there are people from multi origins residing in Azraq, our next experience will be targeting the Druze community for a day, to get to know their community and culture better. The journey begins from the Azraq Lodge toward a local Druze association. Member of the local community will meet, greet and orient you about their heritage and history. A folkloric dance sketch will be performed wearing the famous Druze costume, you can just watch and enjoy the dance, but if your heart is racing, it would be ideal to take part and probably learn a few moves!

No experience is complete without exploring some culinary skills; therefore, you’ll be participating in a cooking class - hosted by a member of the community – you’ll cook your own meal and your dessert, bon appétit!