Camping is the perfect way to connect with and explore nature. RSCN’s campsites offer visitors an unforgettable experience of Jordan’s stunning scenery, nature and wildlife. Enjoy a relaxing stay at Dana Biosphere Reserve’s Rummana Campsite and be amazed at the spectacular views and wildlife close enough to reach out and touch.

Rummana Campsite:

The Rummana Campsite occupies a rare and exceptionally beautiful location within the designated core zone of Dana Biosphere Reserve. Originally, the location of the campsite was a favored Bedouin camping area, occupied every summer season for goat grazing.  At present, the campsite contains 20 large tents that can house up to 60 people, bathrooms, and barbecue grills for visitor use. Each tent comes equipped with mattresses, blankets and pillows. Traditional Arabic meals are also provided upon request.

The campsite is open from March 15 to October 31.