Cultural Activities

Druze Folk Dancing – Azraq Lodge

The Druze community played an important role in shaping the history of the Levant. The Druze number only around one million around the world and are a minority in the Levant; a small community of Druze live in Jordan. They are known for their eclectic and esoteric spirituality and close knit community. At Azraq Lodge, guests can enjoy traditional Druze entertainment including folk dancing, dabkeh and Druze men singing their traditional songs.

Nature Cinema – Azraq Lodge

At Azraq Wetlands Reserve, guests can enjoy watching nature films and documentaries at the Nature Cinema, adding entertainment and education to their wildlife experience.

Cooking with Local Residents – Ajloun Forest Reserve

Learn about local Jordanian culture and cuisine and have hands on cooking experience with local families in Ajloun. Guests will enjoy learning how to cook and then sitting down to their delicious home-cooked traditional meal with their local hosts, a truly immersive cultural experience. 

Story Telling – Rummana Campsite

Bedouins have an ancient oral tradition of storytelling that exists to this day. At Rummana Campsite in Dana Biosphere Reserve, local Bedouins keep this tradition alive and entertain guests around the campfire with stories that allow a glimpse into Bedouin local culture and traditions.  

Bedouin Experiences – Feynan Ecolodge

Feynan cradles an authentic Bedouin lifestyle that is becoming rare to find in Jordan today. These interactive experiences offer our guests unique insight into the lives of one of the last remaining Bedouin communities in Jordan. Bedouin culture is evolving, and through these experiences we work with the community on preserving cherished traditions without getting in the way of progression. Join a local Bedouin family in their goat-hair tented home and learn about their rich culture and daily activities. You will have the rare opportunity to experience native Bedouin daily life, learn about their daily activities, traditions and way of life and learn about the sustainable lifestyle of traditional Bedouin tribes.

By visiting different families in their goat-hair tents, you will get the chance to come close to the locals and learn about their rich culture by learning a variety of their daily activities such as:

Making kohl

A local Bedouin will show you the process of making Kohl, the Bedouin eye makeup that is believed to strengthen eyesight, protect against eye ailment in addition to its cosmetic and aesthetic uses. You will be taken through the process from the burning of cotton and olive oil under the Saj, to collecting the Kohl and applying it.

Making Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee is an essential part of the Bedouin traditions; the Bedouins serve it on almost every occasion including weddings, funerals, or simply when the family gets together in the evening. During this experience, you will be taken through the musical experience of roasting the coffee beans, grounding then boiling them. The Bedouin family also explains the etiquette of serving the Arabic coffee and drinking it.

Baking earthy “Arbood” bread

Arbood is the staple food a Bedouin would have for lunch while shepherding his/her herd of goats in the wilderness. A local Bedouin will teach you how to bake Bedouin bread from only flour, salt and water kneaded and baked in ash. 

Weaving goat-haired tents

Learn the full process of making a tent from goat hair; from the beating of the hair through to the weaving process. This is a seasonal activity for local families, normally done in early summer.

Each of the experiences above lasts around 1.5 hours and is brought to life by one of Feynan guides. A supplementary fee of 2JD is charged per person per activity and this money goes directly to the family that you visit.

Day with a shepherd– Feynan Ecolodge

One of the best ways to get to know the local culture of the area is to spend a day with a local shepherd grazing the family’s goats in the wilderness of Feynan. Part of this authentic experience involves sharing lunch with the shepherd who will make a fire to bake the delicious “Arbood” bread and the sweet Bedouin tea.

This activity is provided by local shepherds, most of whom do not speak English. Female only guests can join one of the local female shepherds. This adventure will give you a snapshot of this ancient Bedouin occupation and what it entails. Duration: up to 8 hours

A supplementary fee of 5JD per person is charged for this activity and the money goes directly to the shepherd.

Cooking class – Feynan Ecolodge

Take a little bit of Feynan home to your kitchen. Join one of our chefs and learn to make a vegetarian lunch of Jordanian popular dishes. At the end of our cooking class enjoy a feast of your own creation. All the recipes of the dishes will be sent to you by email.

Cooking demonstration– Feynan Ecolodge

Join our chefs as they create a favourite Jordanian snack before your eyes and share their secrets on how to make it. Whilst you sample their creations, listen carefully as they give you tips on how to re-create these authentic dishes at home.