Jordanians are as famous for their hospitality as they are for their delicious traditional meals. All the nature reserves restaurants provide visitors with a taste of authentic, home-made, local cuisine served with a big helping of Jordanian warmth and hospitality.

On the menu could be Jordan’s national dish Mansaf, or every local family’s favorite Maqlouba, a rice, vegetable and meat or chicken dish literally translated as ‘upside-down’, or one of many other flavorful local dishes. Guests can enjoy barbeque and Zarb, a slow cooked desert meal where meat, chicken and vegetables are buried for hours in a sandpit oven. In addition to vegetarians menus with many traditional vegetarian and vegan dishes that are sure to please all guests. All guests’ dietary needs can be catered to upon request.  

Many of the nature reserves have on-site restaurants that serve home-made traditional local meals. These include Dana Biosphere Reserve (Dana Guesthouse, Rummana Campsite ad Feynan Ecolodge), Azraq Wetland Reserve (the Lodge), Ajloun Forest Reserve, and Mujib Biosphere Reserve. 

At Azraq Lodge’s Chechen Kitchen, guests will enjoy exquisite, authentic local cuisine. The kitchen is managed by a local Chechen family who continue to cook their ancestors’ tasty homemade recipes. Visitors will quickly succumb to the delicious and traditional delights that they conjure up on a daily basis.

Feynan Ecolodge serves an exclusively vegetarian menu.


Eat with local residents:

To experience a truly authentic cultural experience, guests at all nature reserves, particularly Azraq and Ajloun reserves, can enjoy home-cooked meals at local residents’ homes. Local hosts can also teach guests how to cook these meals!